Ice Sculpture FAQs

How do I set up my Ice Sculpture?

You don't- One of our Ice Agents will deliver your ice sculptures and set the drainage/ lighting and ice piece for you.

How long will the sculptures last at the event?

All depends on the size of the sculpture and the surrounding temperature. For example a large sculpture one meter high will maintain its original form and design after 6-8 hours in an environment with 22-24 degrees Celsius room temperature. Such a sculpture will melt entirely after 18 hours. We recommend you place the sculptures in the event hall one hour before the event.

How do I transport the sculptures?

All depends on the size of the order, the distance from your business to the customer and last but not least the outside temperature. For example you can transport a small order in the trunk of your vehicle if the driving distance is up to 30-45 minutes and the outside temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Some of our customers use a well insulated van and others use a refrigerated/deep freeze van.

How do are they presented at the venue?

. We recommend you to use our special displays designed to handle all sizes of ice sculptures. These displays are very attractive in appearance and will illuminate the sculptures from underneath in a variety of colours while at the same time will handle the water from the melting ice.

Will I end up with a puddle of water on the floor?

NO- When we set up your Ice Sculpture we provide a drain tray, this we fill with ice to sustain the ice art as long as possible, it has a hose in the tray that any access water travels down to a container under the display table so all is discreet, attractive yet functional and avoids all unwanted spillages.

What do I do with the display equipment after?

Dependent on what arrangements have been arranged and where you are, we may come back and collect the accessories the next day, so please leave in a secure place. Alternatively you bring the equipment back to our office.

Due to the expenses of sourcing the drain trays a deposit will need to be taken which is completely refundable once the accessories are returned.