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Something for Everyone !

Something for Everyone !

Sunday 9th July 2017

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, as do budgets. Whether you have £5k or £50k to spend we have a piece of Ice for you.
There are a million and 1 different things that fly through your mind when you start to think about planning your wedding. Colours, flowers, venue, music, how many bridesmaids the list just goes on and on and on.
So relax take a load off and view some of our classic and bespoke designs, Ice can add that little extra je na sais quoi to your day, that you didnt even know you needed.

Ice-Promotions are working with Ice Academy to design,mould,produce and sculpt beautiful sculptures for your special day.
From small floral centre pieces, to replica bride and grooms we are here to make sure you get the prefect Ice Sculpture for you.You can choose from our classic designs or design something of your own.
Ice Sculptures have now becoma a must have for all celebritity gatherings, whether it be a birthday, christening, anniversary or wedding, take a look at "K" for Kashmere at Kim Zolciak Biermanns launch party.

Noone is sure when exactly Ice Sculpting began although according to it could be as far back as 4,000 years ago. Competitions are now held all over the world where people can sculpt weird and wonderful things from ice. The first ever Ice Palace was comminsioned in 1740 by Empress Anna of Russia, designed by Piotr Eropkin this boasted an Elephant that sprayed water and cannons that shot ice cannon balls.
We have a few Ice Hotels around the world currently with the largest being in Sweden, in a town called Jukkasjarvi - 200km from the artic circle.

So have your very own beautifully designed, carefully produced and lovingly delivered piece of ice for your special event.